5 Reasons Why Most Diets Fail

When it comes to dieting, a lot of people usually end up failing during the first few days they try to do so. But there’s a deeper reason to it than just simply losing interest in it. Here are five reasons why most diets fail:

Diet is too strict

A lot of people think dieting needs to keep all the sweets and the junk food away from the food roster. This is the reason why many who start to diet end up binge eating in just a few days of doing so. Taking away foods that have been recognized by the body for a long time can cause the brain to want it more. Being monotonous with food also makes it more likely for you to decide to stop doing the diet you have in mind. Leave some space for a small chocolate bar or a just one bag of chips into the diet every now and then to keep yourself from bingeing.


Starving yourself

Many people believe that if they don’t eat enough, their bodies would end up losing weight faster. But starving the body would only cause negative effects to the system and would also cause it to want more food in the long run. There are those, however, that end up doing so and continue to starve their bodies but these people are usually connected to the mental condition called anorexia nervosa. There are also other negative effects like mood fluctuations and changes in hormones which can affect a number of things in the body.

Substituting loved-foods

Some people decide to substitute other foods for diet foods. An example of this is changing from pizza with chicken and fish. Letting go of something that you love to eat causes the brain to crave for them more than usual. It is better if you don’t substitute the food you love with something else but instead choose a lower-calorie version of that food.

Impatience for the results

Many want results right after dieting for the first few days. However, dieting is not something that shows results in a long time but these would usually show great benefits to the person who does so. Setting a goal that you will achieve each week will help in monitoring your progress. It can also help you check how much more you need to do or exercise in order to make up for the goal you were not able to achieve.

Lack of Exercise

Dieting without exercise can cause your body to not lose weight at all. Although diet is something that is necessary when it comes to losing weight, exercise is also something that is needed in order to do just that. With the help of exercise, it’s possible to increase the rate of fat burning if there is exercise involved. It also helps in strengthening the muscles which can make up for the excess skin because of the weight loss.